Hello Autumn

I always look forward to Autumn coming around – the changing colours, having an excuse to wear wellies on a walk and cosy nights in watching box sets with lots of blankets and candles. I’ve been loving looking at all the autumn essentials edits and prints on Pinterest which have made me really excited for this season even though I am a little sad the summer is coming to an end.


This summer was a particularly special one for me, as I completed my English Literature degree with a First and graduated in July. I sat my last ever exam in May, so Greg and I went to Bath for three days to celebrate and we then went to Cornwall with friends at the end of June before returning to the restaurant we work in, which was probably one of the most relaxing holidays I had ever had, which you can read about here.

Graduation was such a beautiful day. The sun shone and it was lovely to get together with everyone again and recognise all the hard work we had put in over the past three years – and to see each other all dressed up and not looking sleep deprived or crying into a book.


I then visited the family in Spain who I Au Paired for last year (which I wrote about here) but then it really was time to go back to work in time for the summer holidays… and it was manic. On my days off I was determined to do lots of summery things; fruit picking, barbecues, a pool party, sitting in pub gardens etc. But I have been quite looking forward to things calming down a little. As you have probably gathered from this blog by now, I spend most of my spare time reading, baking cakes and working to save up to travel and Autumn is such a good time for this – I love finding Autumnal recipes (basically if it’s got apple or cinnamon in, I will be making it) and finding time to sit indoors and get into a good book.

This September is already feeling like a strange one, as it is the first time in my life that I probably won’t be going back to some form of education. I am already feeling quite nostalgic for the back to uni feeling and knowing that in a few weeks I will have something to focus on. However, I am determined to do lots of positive things in the next few months and make this blog as interesting as possible even though I am going through a little WHAT SHALL I DO WITH MY LIFE crisis. University can leave you feeling like you have no time to yourself, so while I am still deciding what I want to do, whether that be travel, continue into doing a Masters or to keep job hunting for a literature based degree, here are a few things that I will be looking forward to…

img_5269I had no idea what to read post-degree this summer but I’ve been given some recommendations recently which I cannot wait to get into. The same friend who told me to read Native Son has suggested two other books and if they grip me half as much then I will have read them by next week. I added The Buried Giant to my reading list as it seems to be a book club favourite and has been at the top of bestseller lists but sounds like it still has a lot of depth to it.



In the past few months I tried to incorporate summer fruits into my baking and really got into summery drinks as well, especially smoothies, however I love changing ingredients with the seasons. I made Greg a spiced carrot cake for his birthday which reminded me how much I love using cinnamon in baking and I’ve got lots of recipe ideas coming up. I’m also looking forward to making lots of soups with winter vegetables and I plan on attempting to use pumpkin in some way.



I’m also looking forward to really simple things like going for walks, watching too many episodes of Prison Break in one go, and watching The Great British Bake Off with a cup of tea, whilst figuring out what to do next year. I love reading other’s blogs about things they love about a certain season so I hope you enjoyed this one too! 


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