Teddy Bear’s Picnic Party

Last weekend was my beautiful cousin’s first birthday and her mum, like me, enjoys getting creative and going all out with things. She also shares my love of Pinterest so I knew this party would be great and I also spent a good few hours pinning to get ideas for the birthday cake. However I also got carried away as I always do, looking at lots of other teddy bear’s picnic party ideas. I find it strangely relaxing scrolling through pictures of pretty things and getting ideas and I go to Pinterest now any time I need inspiration for recipes or gifts before turning them into my own.


This would be such a great birthday idea for any young children and there is so much to do if you have time to make things, but also really simple touches if you are pushed for time (such as getting a set of cookie cutters and making everything look like a bear.) The party was held on a field by a pond in our local town with a marquee to shelter us from the rain, but as it turned out to be such a nice day it was used for shade and to put the food under. Due to the theme, this party doesn’t have to be expensive as it is totally acceptable to ask people to bring their own picnic food and blankets.

 The Cake


I have recently started taking orders for cakes for friends and family so I’d had some practise before this one. I don’t usually use fondant icing so I first started planning how to make a buttercream cake still look decorative. Luckily most pictures I saw had done the same and stuck on lots of flowers and picnic items. I LOVE cakes with bunting and had been waiting to use it on this cake – I ordered this from eBay, from a seller who asks you to leave a personalised message and two colours and it looked exactly as I hoped it would, already tied together and everything.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos and made the fondant bears as I watched – there are tutorials for everything so don’t shy away from making something even when it looks like you couldn’t work out how to do it. I knew I wanted the cake to look covered in different types of flowers, and I also liked the idea of having lots of tiny flowers in a cluster coming up onto the top of the cake, so when I decorated it this is where I began.


I ordered a pack of 40 different stamps from Amazon for something like £7 and I got every size and style of flower I needed as well as leaves. The cake itself didn’t take that long to make as I just went for a Victoria sponge and I didn’t have to make the icing look too perfect as it was mostly going to be covered up. However the stamping did take quite a while but it was quite therapeutic. Lots of people ask me how long something like this takes and I always make sure I have at least one day and the next morning in case anything goes wrong, and I usually make the sponges the day before I decorate to save time.


The Food


Cookie cutters! Nicole’s biscuits were amazing – I’ve never tried flooding biscuits as everyone says you have to get the consistency just right and to be honest, I don’t know what that consistency is and I also don’t think I have the patience. But by all means go ahead!


I also really liked the watermelon and blueberry skewers, which annoyingly I forgot to take a picture of, but you can see the idea from the picture to the left. Simply cut a watermelon into slices and use your teddy cutter, pop four or five blueberries on the skewer and top with the watermelon. They looked really colourful on the table and who doesn’t want to eat fruit in a cute shape.

If you aren’t asking people to bring food, you could also use the cookie cutters to make sandwiches or mini pizzas, or fill up a picnic hamper with snacks for people to help themselves to.


The marquee looked so cute with bunting around the outside and everyone’s picnic blankets scattered on the grass and that’s something really inexpensive and simple that can make the whole theme of the party come together. Nicole had also written little  birthday messages on pieces of wood, which looked great and everyone of course went home with a teddy related party bag.



I don’t usually write about parties or anything like that but as I’m writing about my favourite things to do in Autumn this year and what I’m up I thought I would share this idea as it’s perfect for this time of year and I love talking about anything creative. As always, thanks for reading! x


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