Hello October // Deciding to do a Masters

I never see a new year starting in January, but at the start of term, in September or October time. This is when I love setting myself new goals and getting ready for the year ahead, because that’s when education always starts for me. This year, I was excited for Autumn as I always am and planning things to do, however I was feeling a little lost that this was the first year that the summer wasn’t coming to an end and I wasn’t going to uni.


I thought this might be because I wasn’t used to it, but listening to my friends getting ready to start their jobs or getting ready for their MA, I realised something was really missing. So I spent a good few weeks really thinking about how I would feel if I didn’t go back and how much I would regret it and you can work out my decision from the title of this post. As per usual, I left any decision making to the last minute and applied for my MA exactly two weeks before the start of term the day I got back from my holiday.


I had a lot to consider as I had planned on travelling to Australia early part of next year, and possibly America towards the end of the year and I had gone back to work full time in the restaurant I work in in order to save; everything I was doing was getting ready for travelling and starting my new post-graduation future. However, when being honest with myself I knew that I wasn’t entirely happy and didn’t feel finished with my education at all. I couldn’t even start a book without feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t have to write about it. I also realised that travelling can wait but I don’t think that my MA can, as I am still in the right frame of mind.


I will still be planning some kind of travel for the later part of 2017 (how weird does that sound) but for now I will be glued to my laptop, writing essays and reading more than I ever thought possible in one week. I will, of course, also be thinking about my 20,000 word dissertation (have not go my head around that yet.) However I am determined to take alittle more time for myself during the quieter periods than I did during the last few months of my undergrad, in which I felt guilty about doing absolutely anything other than reading. I have really loved working on this blog over the summer and as I mentioned a few posts ago I was thinking up lots of ideas to keep it interesting, and I hope to keep it up even when I am super busy (so expect a lot of quick recipes, blog posts that consist of Autumnal photos and mini-posts about what I’ve been up to at uni.)


I’m not sure if this is actually interesting to anyone, but I thought it’s something that lots of people can relate to.  I hope it helps or inspires anyone who is having any difficulty with decision making – I really do believe that you shouldn’t worry what others think if you are passionate about something and only you know what will make you happy, so just go for it 🙂


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