Why it’s okay to take time off

It’s probably been about a year since I put any effort into this blog and while I’ve been doing and baking a lot of things I probably could have written about, I either haven’t had the time or I’ve found the excuse not to do it. Since going back to uni for my MA, the last thing I’ve wanted to do at the end of the day is sit at my laptop to write anything else. Reading, of course, takes up a large proportion of my time and I’d also wondered if I wanted to commit to this blog when there’s always something else I should be writing. Yet this was supposed to be a creative outlet on the side and a way to write about other things.

But I realised I wasn’t actually having breaks at all, trying to fit work in wherever I could and working solidly for days and days and then doing nothing for the next few, having completely lost motivation. I voiced these concerns to a lecturer who suggested I try and take weekends off. To be honest, I thought this idea was really quite absurd if I was going to reach the marks I wanted.

However, I have been trying to take an afternoon off here and there and so starting up this blog again will hopefully be part of that. I do get that “student guilt” of, I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be writing or I’m not even enjoying this, because I should be writing. But it’s so important for your mental and physical health to not shut yourself away studying for days on end. Everyone works differently and with different time patters, but if you’re at a point when you’re crying at 1am, waking up in the middle of the night thinking about how you might represent a character in an essay or being physically unwell before a presentation, your body is telling you something. I was so unsure about if I deserved to be taking any time for myself and it is hard to get the balance right (procrastination) but my grades this term compared to last term I think speak volumes of the benefits of doing so.

This weekend has been particularly relaxing, full of wonderful food and my best friends so I thought this would be an ideal place to start blogging again.

Friday night we enjoyed a beautiful seafood paella from our friend Tom, a fellow Masters student and chef. We spent the evening in his parent’s restaurant Mehalah’s, on Mersea.



I loved this homely restaurant and it was ideal for a chilled evening with wine and friends.

And what is an evening with friends these days if one of you isn’t required to take candid photos of the other?!



Saturday my best friend invited me over for brunch, which I instantly knew meant, come over to take pretty pictures of waffles and decorate them with fruit… absolutely fine by me.



Here’s what we came up with…


Simple Chocolate & Strawberry. Brunch can be the same as dessert right?
Raspberry, Blueberry & Golden Syrup
A slightly less sugary raspberry yogurt & fresh blueberries… until we added golden syrup to that too
My personal fave, raspberries, chocolate and syrup. White chocolate would work really well here too.

Brunch of course then included lots of iced lattes, chats about everything in life and then writing about it.



Thanks for reading this little ramble and welcome back! Next up will be a recipe for Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cupcakes xx




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