Happy Pumpkin Spice Season

About a year ago I wrote a blog about it being October and how I was at the beginning of my Masters. And now here I am at the end of years of studying, essentially at the beginning of the rest of my life, which is all at once an incredibly exciting and overwhelming prospect.

I wrote a little while ago about the realities of finishing my Masters Degree and all the worries and uncertainties that come with it, but Autumn has come around and I love this time of year regardless.

This year, I have the chance to read, for fun. When was the last time I did this? Two, three years ago? Obviously I love books, but I’d forgotten how much I love just sitting down to read in my own time, without three or four other books in the back of my mind and without reading to a deadline. I am particular with what I read, but I really have loved browsing Waterstones and spending the evening on the sofa with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket and just getting lost in a really good book.

YES to Waterstones buy one get one half price deal 

It’s also my favourite time of year to get in the kitchen and do some baking and be creative. It’s also the time to start putting cinnamon in everything. We have a big apple tree in the garden and I find it so satisfying to bake something using those and scrolling through Pinterest looking for Autumnal recipe ideas.

The colours this time of year also just make me feel quite calm and happy and I think its so important to just tune into things which make you feel positive. I really do love the summer, I can’t get enough of the sun and warm weather but when this time of year comes around, I remember how much I love when the seasons change. And like every blogger ever is saying, it’s finally time to get to wear big jumpers, buy a pair of new boots and finish off every outfit with a massive scarf while spending an absurd amount of money on lush bath bombs.

The most Autumnal day ever searching for Pumpkins with Amy at a local farm 

So yes, things do still seem as uncertain as they did a couple of weeks ago, I don’t really know what I’m doing with my future and its easy to feel deflated or discouraged. I might not be where I’d like to in terms of a career but other areas of my life are fulfilled. I have wonderful people around me who can wallow with me in feeling confused about where to go in life. I can actually give myself time off when I’m not at work rather than trying to cram another thousand words into a dissertation, even if that means sitting in front of the TV while I’m being ignored for the football for hours, I’ve now got time to light some candles and write my blog. I find this time of a year a really good time to look for the positives and to just take some time to look after yourself, and of course get a pumpkin spice latte on the way in to work.





4 thoughts on “Happy Pumpkin Spice Season

  1. I’m not really sure about life in terms of a career either, you’re on the same boat as a lot of people. It’ll all fall into place soon so don’t worry!

    Let me know how “The Girls” is, I was going to purchase this but went for three other books instead.


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