Apple Cinnamon Cake

So here begins what is probably a succession of cinnamon related recipes. From now until Christmas, I’ll be looking for recipes that include spices because they are just so warming and cosy and make the kitchen smell gorgeous. You can also just add in or take away the amount according to your taste.

I love baking at this time of year, it feel extra comforting and there are so many delicious ingredients and flavours to use. We get so many apples from the tree in our garden that we actually let people come and take some for free, but we of course set aside some for ourselves. This apple and cinnamon cake is one of my favourites to make, it literally smells of autumn. The apples covered in cinnamon are so warming and the sprinkling of brown sugar on top is just delicious. This can be eaten straight from the oven, cold, or warmed up with some cream or custard. The recipe says to put it in a round tin, but I actually popped it in a tray today, I find traybakes so easy to cut up and pop in the cake tin. Don’t be put off by cakes that involve fruit, they make the texture a little more pudding-like and it only adds in a couple of more steps to the all-in-one recipes which I usually talk about. So here it is…


225g softened butter
225 light muscovado sugar
225g self-raising flour
100g chopped walnuts
2 level teaspoons baking powder
3 large eggs
300g cooking apples
1 level teaspoon ground cinnamon

 1) Preheat the oven to Fan 160 and line a round tin with baking paper

2) In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients except the apple, and beat until the mixture is smooth

3) Pour half the mixture into the prepared tin and level the surface

4) Now, peel, core and grate the apples and and spread on top of the mixture in the tin. If you love cinnamon, why not sprinkle a little more on top of the apple. Pour the remaining half the mixture over the apple and level the surface again. Cover with a generous sprinkling of light muscavado sugar.



5) Pop in the oven for an hour and 15 minutes-30 minutes, until the cake is well risen and a skewer comes out clean.


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