5 days in Tenerife

It’s pretty rainy this week here in Essex, but thinking about warmer times did inspire me to finally post this blog Last month, I went on my first winter sun holiday and it could not have come at a better time. We drove to the airport as it was beginning to snow and came home as it was melting. 

We escaped the Beast from the East and went to San Juan in Tenerife. It’s a fairly small town about an hour away from the airport, populated by locals or expats who have lived there for years – and it’s just all round a really relaxing and calm place to be. We’ve been twice now, the first time when I had a 4 day window that I could escape writing my Masters dissertation, and this time for five days. Of course, I always feel like I could have longer on any holiday, but both times I’ve actually really enjoyed seeing how much we could fit in.

cf400dac-063f-476a-9352-dfb57a0439f9.jpg  IMG_1103

Although I hadn’t been before until last year, I seem to have fallen in love with this part of the world that I really didn’t know anything about. I’m so fond of it already because Reece grew up there and I love hearing all his stories. We did have a couple of cloudy days, it’s just getting into Spring there after all, but we still enjoyed ourselves knowing we weren’t digging our way out of snow.

I’m all for a winter wonderland at Christmas but after December, I’ll take this view any day!

Sometimes gloomy days on a holiday can leave you at a bit of a loss, so here’s something things I always do on holiday whatever the weather…


Eat and Drink:
I pretty much loved everything we ate on this holiday and its an activity you can do come rain or shine. From tapas to paella, calamari, extensive pizza menus and the best baguettes, we certainly did not go hungry. Every meal was of course accompanied with Sangria. I started each day with a strong €1.50 coffee and read my book with the luxury of not having to be anywhere at a particular time. I’m not someone who watches what I eat on holiday because its exactly that, so we of course had lots of other treats including massive ice cream cones a lot of Milka chocolate. A quick search on Trip Advisor or even looking on Instagram (or of course asking people who live there) are all quick ways to find delicious food.

A Canarian lunch followed and a not-so Canarian dinner 

Jump on the bus:
Every other country I have been to so far has shown me how ridiculously expensive public transport is in England. So on a cloudier day its so easy to jump on the bus from San Juan to have a look round the next towns, or go further afield without really having to factor in travel expenses. We’ve been to Alcala and Los Gigantes, only a few minutes away, as well as Siam Park and Los Christianos, which is really busy in the summer but where you can do all the major activities (boat trips, jet skiing, etc.)

Walk around
Even in if you’re staying in a smaller or quieter town on holiday as I have done a few times, there is sometimes no better way to explore it than by foot, and and it’s free! Try walking as far as possible, or if its a really small town walk from one end to the other. Or spend the day finding the best views of your location, even if it is more about getting a photo for Instagram than the exercise.

Wallking to the top of a hill 90% to get a view of the whole town and 10% for the exercise

Find a coffee spot, take a book and wait out the grey weather
Luckily I love reading and can read anywhere if it’s a good enough book. So the days we woke up and it was looking a bit grey I was quite happy to walk down and get a coffee and just watch the world go by. This isn’t something that I’d ever really want to do, or feel relaxed doing at home but I love it on holiday, and by the time you’ve finished a chapter the sun might have come out.


I love Tenerife and completely see why the Canary Island are such popular holiday destinations both in the winter the rest of the year. If anyone has any Tenerife recommendations for our next visit, please leave them in the comments! x

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