From little acorns…

I love Spring. Easter always makes it feel like it’s just around the corner and it’s a day I’ve always spent with my family at my Grandma’s house. This time of year is when I can start to think about the next few months, rather than in January and February when I jut don’t really feel my best, I don’t know about you, but when the evenings get lighter I feel so much better. It feels like the summer is even closer and knowing I’m working towards the time of year when I can look forward to a holiday makes me feel more productive.


I love this map and one thing that makes me happy thinking about is where I’ll go next in the year

This time round it feels particularly like Spring and a fresh start because not only did I get out the Spring bedding from Asda that I’d been saving, I also started a new job. I’ve talked a lot on this blog about finishing uni and not worrying too much about the future, but it is something that people naturally ask you about. I was of course keen to get into a job that uses some of the skills I gained during my degree and one that will hopefully set me on the right path for the career I want to get into. But however frequently people ask you if you’re applying for jobs and regardless of how much you worry that something might never happen, nothing happens overnight anyway.

New Spring bedding, Easter chocolate and the most beautiful lamp

I’ve found it quite easy to get so wrapped up in everyone asking what I’m going to do with my life that I forgot about all the good things I have already done and the productive steps I have already taken. Everyone has to start somewhere.

As my Grandad said to me the other day, “from little acorns big oaks grow.” It’s so true, I like to think of myself as an ambitious person and I set my sights high. Some people might try and discourage you from things you want to achieve and whether they mean to or not, a lot of people like to remind me how many people have also got a Literature degree and how competitive my chosen industry is. But I really don’t need to worry about anything negative that anyone is saying, as I’ve said before, it’s a complete waste of my thoughts to worry about it. There are always more people who will support you and want to see you grow.


Life can sometimes make you feel like the smallest acorn but in terms of the future, I think I’ll listen to what my Grandad says.

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