Here’s me in Barcelona, combining two of my passions in life; eating and being in the sun 

Hello everyone, I’m Emily. Welcome to The Cake Tin. 

I’m 23 and have recently completed my Masters Degree in Literature with the hope to start a career in publishing. But in my spare time, my favourite thing to do is bake and now I have a lot more time, I’m excited to carry on baking some of my favourite things to make, recipe test and write about it! Here you can find lots (and lots) of cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pancakes and celebration cakes, which I’ve recently started making to order.

My cakes don’t always look perfect, I make everything in my mum’s kitchen (buying her a KitchenAid for her 50th was one of the best things I’ve ever done) and I like my cakes to look homemade. I’ve learnt almost everything I know from my mum and grandma, I swear by Mary Berry’s Baking Bible and I love scanning Pinterest for ideas.

I also love writing and travelling, I’m  all about thinking positively and I love reading about the paths my friends are on in their own blogs and hearing the details of their lives over regular trips to coffee shops. So here you can also find the odd post about things I’m passionate about and my general thoughts on life.

You can see all the pictures of my baking and what I’m up to on Instagram (@emily_ferris) or, I would love it if you would give my new baking account a follow, @_the cake tin. 

Em xx


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